For any revolution to occur, three things must be present:

  1. Innovation
  2. Understanding
  3. Accessibility

Without each of these, at the same moment in time, a revolution is simply an afterthought of potential. The best recipe in the book is only as good if people know how to cook and have access to the ingredients. When all three are able to come together, truly amazing things happen that change the course of history.

Agriculture Revolution (10,000 B.C.)

Nearly 10,000 years ago, the innovation of farming and domestication of plants led to the first known revolution in human history. Although we previously lived as hunters and gatherers, the Agricultural Revolution gave birth to a new era of food production and efficiency. This fundamental understanding of new farming methods gave millions of new people access to healthier lifestyles.

  1. Innovation: Domestication of Plants
  2. Understanding: Farming Methods
  3. Accessibility: Food and Health


Industrial Revolution (1760’s)

With the innovation of the steam engine, the industrial revolution in England quickly set forward a worldwide adoption of factories and production. Machines were produced at a staggering rate that prompted new ideas of creation and engineering.

  1. Innovation: Steam Engine
  2. Understanding: Production Techniques
  3. Accessibility: Goods and Tools


Informational Revolution (1950’s)

While it’s hard for some to remember life before the internet, this innovation has accelerated the spread of information at an astronomical pace. With the ability to connect, interact, and communicate with anyone across the world, the internet at its core is a transfer of information.

  1. Innovation: Internet Protocol
  2. Understanding: Computer Navigation
  3. Accessibility: Information and Connection


Economical Revolution (2018)

Moving into 2018, we are headed into stage two of the Economical Revolution and Ethos is leading the way.

Ethos is a people-powered crypto currency platform. The mission is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone, accelerate adoption of blockchain technology and democratize ownership of cryptocurrencies.

The technology making all this possible is already here: blockchain. However, the blockchain is still a mystery box to most. To help make sense of this technology, Ethos has made important connections along the way including a recent partnership with BitDegree that will pave the way to an introductory course on “Crypto and Cryptocurrencies”. As people begin to understand the core concepts and opportunity of crypto currency, Ethos can continue to build on the final and most important step: Accessibility.

The Ethos Universal Wallet makes it easy and safe to store and transfer value of any form – anywhere, anytime, anyplace, instantly – for free. In a new world of confusing tech, this innovation will bridge the gap between technical experts and average daily users.

  1. Innovation: Blockchain Technology
  2. Understanding: Crypto Currency
  3. Accessibility: Financial Freedom


The modern combustion engine was created in 1859, but it was not until Henry Ford’s invention of the Model T in 1908 did people truly have access to cars and transportation. The internet was invented in the mid 1900’s, but it was not until Steve Jobs and Bill Gates paved the way for personal computers did people truly have access to information. Blockchain needs a pioneer to bring the blockchain technology to the masses; Shingo Lavine and the Ethos team are doing just that.

The future is for everyone.