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Lisk: Don’t Let the Name Fool You

| Analysis, Blast | 10 Comments

Technology In it’s mission statement, Lisk’s goal is blockchain technology for everyone. But what does this really mean? Let’s dive in. One analogy to understanding Lisk is understanding the foundation…

Ethos: The Economical Revolution

| Analysis, Blast | No Comments
For any revolution to occur, three things must be present: Innovation Understanding Accessibility Without each of these, at the same moment in time, a revolution is simply an afterthought of...

Bloom: Universal, Decentralized Credit Scoring

| Analysis, Blast | 2 Comments

Quick Summary In short, Bloom is a universal, decentralized credit score system. Acting as an end-to-end protocol for identity attestation, risk assessment and credit scoring, entirely on the blockchain, they…

Substratum: Net Neutrality’s Backup Ninja

| Analysis, Blast | One Comment

Investing Analysis Okay, I’ll say it: Substratum is still my favorite coin of 2018. One of those visions that make you think, “Man, if they can actually pull this off, it is…

Opus: Decentralized Spotify Brings Power Back to the Artists

| Analysis, Blast | No Comments

Overview In a society built on music platforms like Spotify and iTunes, it is extremely hard for low & mid-level artists to make a living. Attempting to promote your music…

UTRUST (UTK) – PayPal of the Blockchain

| Analysis, Blast | 5 Comments

Wish I would have started this Altcoin Insider group just a few days ago before UTRUST really took off. I have been watching UTK ever since the ICO and invested…