In a society built on music platforms like Spotify and iTunes, it is extremely hard for low & mid-level artists to make a living. Attempting to promote your music without going through these outlets is an uphill battle of marketing expenses and promotional expertise. Even if you are talented enough to make it big, these third party platforms sit as middle-man between you and your fans who want to support you. Opus is attempting to fix this by giving artists 100% of all revenue.

Investing Analysis

I was debating whether or not to add this coin to Altcoin Insider, as it was already mentioned on the Top 10 Altcoins of 2018 post I did a few weeks ago. That being said, after the recent dip in the crypto market brought the coin back down to $0.10, I still think this coin is incredibly undervalued.

OPT was sitting at $0.04 for a long time but went all the way up to $0.25 just five days ago. Despite the surge, I never once debated selling off for profits. This coin has just too much potential. If Opus is able to get just ONE major advisor or musical artist on-board, I find it hard to believe this coin will be worth anything less than $1-3. These are the type odds I like to play with.

With just 250M coins in existence, a simple $250 purchase right now could have you owning 1% of the entire market. That is huge. Most of my investments sit into two categories: Coins with stability and coins with upside. Opus definitely sits in the upside portion of my portfolio.

Music is a universal language that binds us all together. If Opus can connect this universal language with the universal currency of crypto, we are looking at huge numbers moving through 2018.


Opus is the world’s first decentralised music platform built on Ethereum and IPFS. While they are working on releasing the first platform in the coming months, they already have a pretty snazzy looking demo at: https://opus-foundation.org/demo/demo.html. Make sure to turn down your speakers, as it auto-plays with music.


The COO and investor Mateusz Mach is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Winner. That’s a pretty good start for a team. You can view the rest of the Opus team by going: Here


Opus (OPT)

About: Decentralized Spotify Brings Power Back to the Artists

Exchanges: HitBTC, EtherDelta

Website: https://opus-foundation.org/