One month ago, I launched Altcoin Atlas, a cryptocurrency platform that focused on providing others with up-and-coming altcoin information. In the days that followed, I was met with overwhelming support and appreciation for the research I published on a daily basis. Within two days of the launch, we had a staggering 2500 people subscribe to the Altcoin Insider, along with 1000+ follow on Telegram on Twitter. I cannot thank you enough for this response.

While I was excited for the growth, there were many obstacles that started to push me in a direction I was not comfortable with.


Although I am an active investor in cryptocurrencies, many of the initial readers and followers took these articles as financial advice. While it is not possible for me to stop someone else from spending money, I could have done a better job of communicating my vision with Altcoin Atlas. The articles I release are meant to focus on helping others understand the companies behind the coins. Not which coins to buy next. With this, I hope to provide enough insight to digest this information on your own and making investing decisions on your beliefs.


The next biggest obstacle was underestimating the funding necessary to send out daily text blasts. While I was aware beforehand this could become an issue, I assumed by the time I reached growth, I would have outside funding coming in to help offset these expenses. As I began reaching out to companies, I soon learned that paid promotions and sponsored articles were one of the only ways that I would be able to gain early capital. Although there were many companies who wanted to be featured and willing to pay for your attention, this was simply something I was not, and am not comfortable doing.


To counter these issues, moving forward my content will only be published in two areas.

Steemit:  For those not familiar with this website, Steemit is a social media platform where anyone can get paid for creating content. In addition, users who are active on the platform (upvoting, commenting) are compensated as well.  With this switch, I can now focus on the companies who are making the biggest impact on the world, not the most companies that are willing to pay for attention.

CCI Newsletter: Four weeks ago, launched a weekly newsletter with action packed information on the entire cryptocurrency industry. Focused on everything from technical trading analysis and weekly crypto events, to one-on-one video interviews with founders, this is one of the most value-packed outlets of information you can get. My five articles of the week will be included on these for those who were unable to check Steemit.

I thank you for the support thus far and hope you can continue me through my journey of spreading the crypto gospel. If you have any questions, please let me know!