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Okay, I’ll say it: Substratum is still my favorite coin of 2018. One of those visions that make you think, “Man, if they can actually pull this off, it is going to change the world”.  While I have been a fan of Substratum for months, we just experienced a perfect storm of opportunity that makes this a crucial time to invest. Here are the three reasons:

1) Crypto Correction

The last few days has caused mass hysteria around the crypto community, mainly by new investors who have never seen a correction. While nobody likes to see their portfolio value cut in half, these types of corrections do offer new opportunity to re-evaluate your positions, and pick up coins at a lower price than you were previously able to.

Before the correction, SUB made its way all the way up to $3.21, an absolutely insane growth rate since starting the year at $1.08. However, after the correction, SUB has dropped down and his hovering around the $1.25-$1.50 range. A perfect opportunity to snag.

2) Beta Release

When other coins get so much hype despite having an actual product out, I usually roll my eyes a bit. It’s like that little kid at recess who claims to be the best basketball player you’ve ever seen, but you have yet to see him get on the court yet. Seeing 10B+ market caps without a working product is always a red flag. To make me feel a little better about Substratum and their work so far, Justin Tabb and the team do an awesome job of making videos to learn about the concerns; about the product; and about the vision moving forward.

While they have not released the public product just yet, they are currently doing private beta tests. If you would like to be involved with these tests, you can fill out this form to get an early peek at at the action. It is expected that the public beta will be released in the coming weeks. Once this hits, the ease of use in running a node is set for mass adoption at an incredible rate.

3) TV Rumors

I usually don’t like to pump up unconfirmed buzz before it is made official, but this information is just too juicy to pass up. According to a screenshot from the founder himself, Substratum will be showcased on a “major TV spot” with an estimated audience of 60M people. This is exciting news, not just for Substratum, but the entire crypto industry as a whole.

“Buy the rumors, sell the news.” A very common phrase in the crypto world, but what if the rumor is about being on the news?  As appreciation for your involvement with Altcoin Insider, I love the opportunity to break information like this to you. Hopefully you can jump on the train before this rumor spreads too far.


For those not from America, there is an ongoing nationwide debate involving the ability of Internet Service Providers to slow down and censor certain parts of the web. For many of those not from America, you may already be dealing with censored news outlets and information while online. No matter your location, we are all connected by the internet, and any intermediary that tries to take that away from us is slowing down society. To attempt to fix this issue, the United States passed Net Neutrality in 2015 that reclassified broadband access as a telecommunications service, thus applying common carrier protections under Title II of the Communications Act. However, in November of 2017, the FCC chairman Ajit Pai unveiled plans to repeal the United States’ net neutrality policy.

I sometimes like to think of Substratum as Net Neutrality’s Backup Ninja. Despite the attempts of the third parties to control our internet access, blockchain technology allows us to do is forgo intermediaries and create true decentralization. We control our own destiny, not Comcast.  Substratum is an open-source network that allows anyone to allocate spare computing resources to make the internet a free and fair place for the entire world. Anyone, at anytime, can become a node on the network and begin helping the internet to true decentralization. Oh, and you also get paid for this. Crazy, I know.

The only thing that excites more more about getting paid to help others, is the ease of use Substratum has created. Its awesome to have the best technology in the world, but if nobody knows how to use it, what is the point? Currently, ‘mining’ for crypto seems to be an elite underground society where only the technical people are rewarded. Substratum changes all that, checkout how easy it is to use.


Much like Ether being necessary to access the power of Ethereum’s blockchain platform, Substrate will be a necessity for all the companies who want host their website on the power of the decentralized web. For companies to host their websites on this uncensored internet, they must pay using Substrate, the SUB token. Many other crypto companies have no real use for their coins/tokens. Substratum does.


February 2017
  • Substratum Founded
  • Roll out MVP
    Introduce the Company
July 2017
  • Website V1 Launched
  • Whitepaper Launched
 August 2017
  • ICO Token Sale
  • Raised over $12MM USD
  • Website V2 Launched
September 2017
  • SUB Tokens Hits the Exchanges
  • Substratum lists on, Tidex, and Etherdelta
October 2017
  • SUB Lists on Binance
  • Ohio Office Established
November 2017
  • SUB Lists on KuCoin
  • Private Alpha Test I
  • Completes with 100% successful results globally
 December 2017
  • Website V3 Launched
  • Private Alpha Test II

Q1 2018

  • Public Beta Launch


I usually don’t put my neck out behind a company so much. There are so many uncontrollable factors that lead to the success or failure of a company. When I look back at the history of companies who eventually become giants, the one thing that stood out to me most was timing. Google came in a time when the internet needed organizing. Now, the internet needs to be disorganized, and a decentralized foundation is the only way to accomplish that. If, and it is a big if, the team can execute on their vision in the coming months, Substratum is set for a massive disruption.


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    Great article and a great investment !
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    but so many people don;t even know what it is.
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