Ten Altcoins That Could 1000x in 2018

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Ill be honest, this article was extremely difficult to write. Not only was scrounging through 1000+ coins time consuming, but the amount of pure garbage coins on the internet is amazing. If I have to see the word “blockchain” one more time, I might go crazy. Most of these coins have no reason to exist, and serve no purpose. All of this being said, I did come across a handful that showed potential.

To attack this scavenger hunt of opportunistic altcoins, I had to give myself some parameters:

  1. The coin can’t be in the current top ten in total market cap
  2. The coin must be tradable on a trusted market or exchange
  3. The coin can’t be related to a ponzi scheme or multi-level marketing (I am looking at you BitConnect)

The next step was truly shifting my mindset on this problem. Rather than asking, “Is it possible for a coin to go 1000x in one year?”, I shifted my question to, “If it were possible, what would the coin need to have?”. Here were the top three characteristics I was looking for when deciding:

  1. Team: Do they have a solid team or just Randy from Idaho in his basement?
  2. Technology: Is their technology solid, or atleast, could their future technology be unique?
  3. Timeline: Is this company going to take 5 years to launch, or is it in the near future?

Without further ado, here are the top ten altcoins that could 1000x in 2018.


Filecoin  (FIL) – $18.72

Before you go calling me crazy, I need to make it clear I understand how long of a shot this coin would have to 1000x. Already at $19.72 in futures trading, it would need to hit the level that Bitcoin is now to achieve this feat. All that being said, it has all of the right things going for it with worldwide implications.

Filecoin is a decentralized storage solution. The same way you use Amazon or Google Drive to store your files, Filecoin allows for anyone, anywhere to get paid for storage. While there are some competitors out there already in the market (Storj, SiaCoin), Filecoin is built on-top of IPFS, a new peer-to-peer protocol.

More than being built on really cool technology, Filecoin broke a record while rasing $257 million dollars at their ICO. While this does not necessarily mean they will be successful, it certainly gives them a lot of runway to not fail. To add to this, they are backed by Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, and many other big name people.

The total market size of cloud computing is currently at 25B and expects to reach 75B by 2021.

Ethos (BQX/ETHOS) – $2.25

Always like to give disclaimers of my positions. Ethos, previously Biquence, holds roughly 15% of my overall portfolio, so do your own research to make sure I am not just pumping it up.

People have started dubbing Ethos the “Coinbase Killer”. To be honest, with the road map and aspirations of this project, that might actually be underestimating the company.

Ethos claims to be the people-powered cryptocurrency platform. But what does this really mean? Ethos solves the very real of juggling your coins and liquidating them in a non-scary manner.

The Ethos Universal Wallet makes it easy and safe to store and transfer value of any form – anywhere, anytime, anyplace, instantly – for free. In a new world of confusing tech, this innovation will bridge the gap between technical experts and average daily users.

While there have been some attempts at mobile wallets, nobody has made it easy enough for your grandma to get into crytpo. If Ethos can break this barrier to the mainstream public, we will see an absolute monster in 2018.


Nimiq  (NET/NIM) – $1.88

I have been in an on and off again relationship with this coin for a month now. When I first stumbled upon it’s web page, I was absolutely amazed. Nimiq has somehow found a way to make the technical task of “mininig” easy enough for your grandma to do it. You simply click on the “testnet”, and boom, you are mining.

There is one main reason I haven’t invested more, despite the amazing technology. They will be going through a fork in the coming months that transitions their current coins (NET) to another name called (NIM). While forking isn’t always bad, the new coin (NIM) will be traded in at a 10-1 ration. This means, if you currently own 1000 NET, you will only own 100 NIM. If you are seeing the price of $1.98 NET right now, keep in mind, this is the same as investing in NIM at a $19.80 rate.

They are so super focused on tech (which is great), that they do not have any core team members with a marketing background or experience. I kind of actually like and respect this approach Whenever someone catches wind of this project with a decent twitter following, I think its going to explode. Timing that is the hard part.

While they don’t have the best marketing push currently, they do have an absolutely amazing, documentary style youtube channel. Check it out!


Dragonchain (DRGN) – $0.85

To be honest this coin made the list out of default because of its connection (who knows how close) to Disney. To be clear, this is by no means a “Disney Coin”, nor do they claim to be. That said they are probably the closest thing to crypto that Disney currently has. Trading at $0.95, a LOT of things would need to happen to get this up into the four digit range. Since there are so many coins in circulation, the total market cap of this coin would have to reach  $425+ billion. To put that into perspective, the current market cap of bitcoin is only at $275 billion.

If you invest in this coin, it will be because you expect a 10-100x boom in the crypto industry, and a Disney related crypto could hold a large portion of the entire market.


Substrantum (SUB) – $0.51

When creating this list, I also wanted to keep in mind current world issues that might affect future behavior. In the news a lot lately has been the attempted repeal of Net Neutrality. No matter what your stance is on the subject, a law of this size could impact millions of users around the world. Substratum is here to counter-act this.

Substratum is trying to be the foundation of the decentralized web. On here, anyone can allocate spare computing resources to make the internet “a free and fair place for the entire world”. I love the idea, it has a solid team and a very small but passionate following. Keep an eye on this.


Verify (CRED) – $0.39

Not sure how I came across this coin, or why, but it is fixing a very unique problem. While many people agree that blockchain is the future of technology, there is still a very human aspect needed in terms of eCommerce. Did the package get there? What if I need a refund? This human aspect creates a middle-man that Verify could possibly get rid of, or at least reduce. By focusing on “reputation”, we can slowly automate these transactions and cut down costs.

Nobody needs to convince you how big the eCommerce industry is. Verify could, if they run really fast, be the crypto bridge of reliability and trust.


Quantstamp (QSP) – $0.16

If you are one of those believers that Ethereum could be work 10k next year, you might want to look into Quantstamp. With a focus specifically on securing smart contracts, Quantstamp seems like a small niche company. But, this is a growing market and they are currently leading the pack.

Add onto this that they are backed and originally funded by Y Combinator, the company that originally backed Coinbase, we know this has already passed the sniff test of some really smart people


Electroneum (ETN) – $0.065

I’ll be honest. I really, really don’t like this coin. Something about it smells fishy, but millions of people are buying into the marketing. Maybe I am upset that they are putting buzz out in front of actual technology. Maybe its because the naming is too close to Ethereum, and that’s my home boy. Whatever the reason for my misplaced anger, the coin unfortunately has potential.

Just like Nimiq, they are close to fixing the problem of scale abiliy and mass adoption. Through a mobile app, you can (in theory) start earning Electroneum by mining. If crypto takes off, look for this coin to attack the mobile space.


Opus (OPT) – $0.021

I saw one comment on YouTube calling this coin a scam. I dove into google trying to find any evidence to this claim and came up empty. Probably just a 16 year old who invested in the ICO and is impatient. Who knows.

Opus is focused on being a decentralized music platform. Similar to iTunes, but rewarding artists in coins and hopefully cutting down the middleman. The branding is absolutely amazing. The team looks to be strong. I really don’t know why this coin is still so undervalued, but not being listed on any major exchanges is creating no trade volume. In a recent Q&A, they said the reason was:

We came to the conclusion that it would be more beneficial to devote our time and resources into development and relocating… Our internal goal is to get listed in Q2 of 2018, though this could also happen considerably earlier, depending on how the development is going. Getting listed is a community effort and with our present volume, it would be difficult to find an exchange that would agree to get us listed.

If and when this coin gets listed, expect a breakout.


Kin (KIN) – $0.000116

This coin has two things going for it. One, it is the adopted coin of the popular messaging app Kik. Having a community already in place to roll out a coin is a huge advantage. The next advantage is the extremely low price point at under a tenth of a penny. The reason for this is because there are 10 TRILLION coins in existence, so the coin has almost zero scarcity. All that being said, its worth a flyer.


I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Which coins am I missing?

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  • ACE says:

    Zero of the coins you listed are on Bittrex. Just saying 🙂

    • altcoinatlas@gmail.com says:

      I didn’t even notice that! How interesting. Maybe that’s why they are so undervalued =)

  • Sidh says:

    Ripple will go $50

  • Biz going ham on Electra right now . faster than XRB
    >privacy on par with XVG (if XVG actually worked)
    >fees are nearly nonexistant
    >no whales (max holder has 5%)
    >energy efficient af thanks to NIST5 (biggest coin that uses it)
    >atomic swap this quarter = altcoin to altcoin exchanging
    >staking encourages holding, community is one of the best i’ve seen personally
    >only on ONE exchange, now is the time to buy

  • Vincent says:

    Where can we find all these coins? On binance I only find SUB, QSP and BQX :/ …..

    • altcoinatlas@gmail.com says:

      If you go to coinmarketcap.com and click on the coin you want, then click on the “Markets” tab, you can see all the exchanges they are listed on!

  • Viengxay says:

    What do you think about cashaa? https://cashaa.com

  • Jeff Irwin says:

    I like your research. I would add TRX, OST, Voise, RDD, SNOV, QLC, CND and POWR. I do like how you approached this. If you take CND I have listed and look at their current market along with who their competitors are, there are two others. Both of those started slow and currently above 3$ cryptos. RDD another example have a great community and now are accepted for use on Overstock. One of the best Macro purchase coins on the market.

  • Jose Fondeur says:

    What do you think about Cardano ADA / Wabi / R Chain RHCO / Tron TRX / and ChainLink.

  • Martian says:

    Thank you first of all. Nice list. Of the hundreds of coins I’ve been fleecing, a few ended up on your list and the list of other commenters. Everyday is new chance to participate in some of the greatest happenings of our time.

  • Gil says:

    Great article! How can I buy these Altcoins?

  • Al Cantwell says:

    It would be great if you could add at least the main exchange where these coins trade, since you’ve done all this research anyway. I agree with most of your picks, though 100x might be more realistic – – and completely acceptable to me. One I like is APPC, though it’s brand new. It seems to have real world potential. Thanks for sharing your research with us.

  • Jacob Barkey says:

    Gotta say, man. You made some great calls on these ten coins! I appreciate the effort in your research and I wish I found this earlier. Can’t wait to see your next ten! I’ll be watching this time.

  • Tanvir says:

    I am really quite surprised seeing your work tbh. Also I regret that I was going through some of those coins but as newbie I didn’t have courage to put myself in there. But definitely I ll be trying to get. Also I would like to know your thoughts on ICX.

  • Sven says:

    Amazing, give me the next ones!!!

  • Travis says:

    That was a good read. Thank you for putting that together.

  • crypto2t says:

    I wish I had bought one

  • Brian says:

    Awesome list! Thanks for all of your research and for passing it on!

  • Omkar says:

    Keep writing brother..Cool stuff 😎👏

  • Ken says:

    Would really like to see more coins like KIN cost wise if you can, this service is needed really bad, thank you!

  • Andoryu says:

    Thanks for the post. I wish I had found you earlier. From then to now a thou$ in each would have brought in some nice gains, especially before this drop this week. I also wish I had accounts on some of these exchanges. I got bittrex, binance, bitflyer and coincheck. What other exchanges do you recommend getting accounts on? Also, how can I follow your advice for future finds?

  • LexMad says:

    Awesome! Thank you! This helps me get started. Appreciate your research!

  • Willie Weber says:

    Thanks for your hard work. It makes it a little easier for us noobs to start researching and comparing alts. Have a great day.