Wish I would have started this Altcoin Insider group just a few days ago before UTRUST really took off. I have been watching UTK ever since the ICO and invested around $0.57. While it is now up to $1.08 (#102), I truly see this company making it’s way into the top 50 coins in the not too distant future (1-3 Months).

In my Top 10 Coins of 2018 post, I wrote about a company called Verify (CRED) that is doing very well. While I still like Verify from an investment perspective, UTRUST is attacking the same problem with a team that is 10x the size and 10x the funding. They have a jump-start on the market, which is a huge advantage in today’s industry.

So what makes it special? It is solving a real problem; go figure. In today’s eCommerce industry, not only are crypto payments hard to accept because of volatility, but they are on untested waters. Asking someone to send you some Ether for your Nike shoes is almost as strange as asking for hotdogs at McDonalds. It just doesn’t work.

In 1998, sending money over the Internet seemed crazy, let alone doing it without a credit card. Fighting against fear and uncertainty, PayPal was able to overcome the most important and restricting barrier of all: trust. It was not the technology behind PayPay that made it into the behemoth it is today. It was the trust and level of comfort it gave people in doing something they had never done before.

To solve this same problem in the cryptosphere, UTRUST acts as a middle-man between buyer and seller to ensure a trusting transaction. The type that gives you the warm & fuzzies when you go to bed at night that your package will arrive; and even if it doesn’t, you have someone to talk to about it.


Yes, the point of the blockchain is to cut out middle-men. Yes, we are gradually building to that end goal. But until that time comes when robots can track down fraudulent sellers/buyers, we need a level of protection to bridge the gap between blockchain and eCommerce. UTRUST does just that. On the small chance UTRUST is the PayPal of the Blockchain, it’s worth the investment.

UTRUST (UTK) – $1.09 (3.04%)

About: PayPal of the blockchain, UTRUST is the payments platform of the future.

Industry: eCommerce

Exchanges: KuCoin, EtherDelta (Beware of Hacks)

Website: https://utrust.io


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  • Brian Humphrey says:

    Any idea when this may be coming to Kucoin and other exchanges? I’ve looked and cannot find it on the exchange.

    • Zachary Dash says:

      It is currently on KuCoin =) If you want to gamble, they are also on EtherDelta, though they have been hacked multiple times. I will updated this article if I get any new information on exchanges.

  • cryptomanic says:

    Risky. The CEO is a nobody, all devs come from the same web dev entreprise. No blockchain nor finance experience. They seem very good at marketing though. Very risky for long term IMO.

  • zed says:

    Their CTO has extensive experience in payment systems. and their devs have plenty of experience with APIs im sure.