What are the best resources to learning crypto?

By December 17, 2017Tutorials


When I first started getting to crypto, there seemed to be no good information available to help get started. However, after you spend hours digging through the Jumanji of the internet, there is actually more information than you would ever need. The hard part, is finding it. To help you cut down on all this digging, I will focus on the three most important types of resources you need.


First, community. Although there are tons of places to learn the technical parts of trading, having a community around you will truly help you start learning basic concepts and keep you motivated to learn more. My favorite communities seem to always be found on reddit.com. If you have never used a reddit before, it might be a bit overwhelming to look at. However, as you dive in, it is easily one of the best places to find small communities of passionate crypto traders. Reddit is broken into subreddits, that focus on a specific coin or category. The most popular subreddit is /r/cryptocurrency, but where I actually find the most value is on the individual coin pages. To find these pages, go to your favorite coin’s website and look for the little crazy looking alien logo. How active this community is also a good indication of how active the project or company is!

One thing to keep in mind, if you are on an individual coin’s subreddit, don’t let group think suck you in. These people are on this page because they are in love with this coin, and many times have unlreastic expectations on future outcomes.

Another good option is to find crypto groups on facebook. While there is a lot of silly questions on here, you can find really interesting perspectives and people to talk with. Just search crypto currency in your facebook search bar and click on groups.


The next important thing after you find a community is news! While I have never been a twitter user, it is a good way to get first hand updates from the founders or team members. Since crypto currency is still in its infancy, they sometimes are even willing to interact with you directly!

For more breaking information on a national level, I find CoinDesk.com the best option. They don’t post as often as I would like to consume, but the writing is top notch and (from what I have read so far) pretty un-biased.

Data and Charts

Lastly, if you want to get a bit more geeky and analytical, there are a ton of websites to look at graphs, trends, and numbers.  CoinMarket is extremely minimalist and gives a great snapshot of how the day is looking. Probably my favorite feature on this site is going to an individual page and looking at the “markets” tab. This is where you can see which exchanges that coin is listed on.

If you want to get even more nerdy, delve into cryptocompare.com. You can export graph information down to the minute. And if you are feeling really fancy, you can turn the lights off. (minions)


This should give you a good foundation of information to get started.  I am always updating a list of the most useful resources that can be found at altcoinatlas.com/resources if you want to check it out.